Creating and continually improving an already successful property is not a sprint, but a marathon, and capturing that initial sense of euphoria is critical to setting a pace that will allow everyone involved to maintain enthusiasm and energy throughout the project. We have developed and refined a time-tested step-by-step process, that, when followed, results in the design of fully functional properties that are cost effective and deliver the “WOW” that will keep your guests coming back.

One of the defining elements that differentiates TBE Architects from other firms is level of level of collaboration between our designers and our client’s key team.  On most projects, we seek insight and involvement from our client’s general managers, key hotel staff, player development,  marketing departments and in some cases, community leaders.  When working with Tribes and First Nations, we welcome direct input from the Tribal Cultural Committees and invite them to have a direct influence over the amount of symbolism incorporated into the property, during out “big picture” visioning meeting.  Open and clear communication is the cornerstone of our firm’s success.